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There douche fucks, who think that they are better than everybody just because of there expensive worthless clothes, when you could buy knock offs at Bargain City, or Dollar General. They usually are backstabbers, and in some rare occasions they say 'JAK KAY!' OR 'OH EMM GEE', and walk like they have a dildo stuck up there ass from when they were fuckin around with there bestfriends bitch/or man.
'Ohh Emm Gee, i'm like such a prep, like uummm, last night i slept with Brittanys boyfriend and he stuck a dildo up my ass, and now i'm just walkin around like a penguin. '

'Ell oh ell, like today i went too Abercrombie and Fitch and totally saw this dude that i wanted, but Claire got too him before i did, shes such a slut, like shes just a horrible friend. what a back stabber; bitch'
by AtomicAshleh December 13, 2007
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