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The capital and most dangerous city in the South. The only city where you can own a 5-acre property within city limits or inside perimeter (ITP). Home to many rap artists and way too many black people. Known as A-town, ATL, and Hotlanta. Most people from south ATL think they're badass. Most people live in the suburbs because inner city sucks. Georgia Tech, Georgia State, and Emory are pretty much the only schools and they're all boring. Restaurants are decent and Atlantic Station is the only safe place to be at night. Aquarium is awesome and MLK museum is for the modern day black people who believe they suffered suppression firsthand. Overall a scary city with little redeeming qualities and an awful public transportation system (MARTA). There are 4 zones:

Zone 1: Bankhead and the Bluffs (rich people)
Zone 2: Buckhead and the north burbs - johns creek, Druid hills, Alpharetta
Zone 3: The shithole - college park, east point, Clayton
Zone 4: Adamsville.. Nothing
Zone 5: downtown/midtown
I'm from Smyrna, got lost on the MARTA and ended up in zone 3 Atlanta and later found a prison shank stuck in my back.. I don't remember walking down rice street!
by Atnalta October 24, 2012

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