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BFFL is a term used to describe an unbreakable union between friends. Typically used between two drunken girls at a Denny's after a night of drinking and shenanigans.

A BFFL is not spoken letter by letter in abbreviated form example- B.F.F.L. pronouncing the letters individually makes you a dumb ass and gives it less meaning.

A true BFFL is pronounced as a word in whole, when spoken properly it should sound like (BIFFEL) but always be spelled BFFL

BFFL can also be used as a noun example- "We are BFFLING"
Heater is Belinda's BFFL

Belinda is Heather's BFFL

When Heather and Belinda go out drinking and get faded they are BFFLING to the max.

BFFL Heather Belinda BFFLING
by Atlas mommy July 30, 2013
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