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Nice people.
Bombed pearl harbor.
talks fast.
Japan is Dirty as fuck.
i know i lived there and it was over by tokyo to.
Annoying people.
but there very loving.
Drama kings/queens.
Ugly teeths.
They place
consists of having
Ciggerates vending machines.
Porn vending machines.
Disgusting stuff toys like stuff animals but
Boobs and penis's. at a place where little kids play.
Awsome cool picture taking place.
Yummy candy.. and not very many japanese dress they way you think they dress.
Most of them are rude. They're still causing problems in the world.
So theres a girl she's a military kid.
She was at a soccer game coming back.
and going on base from another base in japan.
and she saw ALL these japanese people holding signs to telling us americans to go back to america.

Japanese people are rude.
by Asian(: January 23, 2009
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