2 definitions by Ashier

A substace so terrible that it's creators should be murdered, or worse, forced to drink it themselves.

Used for cruel games of truth - dare
Also used for cheap stomach pumpings
Example: 1. I dare you to drink this Malta Goya
2. I'ld rather impale myself on a fencepost like James did!

Example: 1. Dude! you just drank petrol
2. Woops, better get the malta goya out
by Ashier November 15, 2009
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Often said to an actor before an audition by his/her mis-informed peers.
They belive that if he/she does break their leg they will be in a cast for weeks.
1- Big audition today, wish me luck!
2- Break a leg
1- You're an ass
by Ashier January 06, 2010
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