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1, A large storm (usually including snow)
2, A large storm (usually containing Dandruff)
3, A computer game's manufacturer who have successfully taken money from the majority of 12-year-old annoyances that surf the net (i salute you blizzard)
4, A large storm (usually containing a womans hair..very very bushy hair for that matter)
Guy - "Oh god that was a really big storm..i'm coverd in all this white stuff"

Gal - "erm that's not snow"


Minor - "OMG!! Blizzard can't do anything right, *%@#% bliz"

Man - "You try running a game than, or try running across a railway track and improve our gene-pool"
by Arronax September 01, 2006

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An insult that is very bad, Kids do not say it
Hippies are potbelliedcumfucks
by Arronax January 07, 2005

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Me, originaly the evil guy from arcanum..hes cool
"Arronax is returning to arcanum"
"Arronax you annoying bastard"
by Arronax January 08, 2005

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Bootstrap, Acts like Paddy from Max and Paddy
Enjoys Peter Kay and always seems to attract the ladies
"Bootstrap you horney bugger"
by Arronax January 09, 2005

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