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The awkward turtle was originated from many awkward situations where a man would take his pants off before sex, and due to a lack of girth and or size would make the situation very awkward thus also shriveling the ballsack. The tiny penis/shriveled sack combination looks similar to a turtle with it's head poking out, picture a turtle upside down in its shell.

This phrase was soon brought out of the bedroom and applied to everyday awkward situations, but all refer back to that original awkward turtle moment when the awkward turtle first appeared and the woman mysteriously got a horrible headache...

The awkward turtle is symbolized by placing one hand, open, palm facing down, thumb out to the side on top of your other hand, palm facing down, thumb out. The thumbs are then wiggled or rotated in tiny circles to signify the awkward tension.
Her: Are you ready?
Him: Yeah, let me take my pants off...
Her: *Gasp*
Him: It gets bigger!!
Her: I just got a really bad headache... I think I'm allergic to your tiny, pathetic penis.

This moment describes the awkward turtle.
by AreDub December 28, 2007
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