1 definition by Archie Pellagow

"ruy'tahduhd", adjective
1. suffering from rightardation, a neurological condition that renders one terminally insensible to reason and the notion of social justice.
2. Prone to acts of extreme violence in the name of imperialism.
3. In favour of suppressing basic human rights (i.e. health care, education and the presumption of innocence) - unless you're rich.
4. Opposed to organised labour on the basis that it allows fat-cat unskilled workers to rip off downtrodden employers.
5. A complete and utter cunt.
BOY: Mummy, who is that woman?
MOTHER: That's conservative columnist Janet Albrechtsen, honey.
BOY: And why is she putting her tongue in the Prime Minister's poopie-hole?
MOTHER: Because she's rightarded.
by Archie Pellagow June 8, 2007