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The act of shitting into a rubber glove (i'm talking heavy,thick,long deep cleaning rubber gloves) and then beating any living thing until they/it becomes unconcious.
"You're about to get yourself shit slapped"
"I'm bored, anyone want to go with me to shit slap small children and their mothers at the park?"
"You worthless waste of skin, i'm going to shit slap you into a coma!"
"Anyone on AIM wanna cum over and give me a real good shit slapping? I'm so wet for you"
"when the paperboy asked for a tip, i shit slapped him"
"we should totally start an underground shit slapping fight club! that'd so sooo tight dude. totally"
"the neighbors dog wouldnt stop barking last night so i went over and shit slapped it to death"
by Anthony Stewart June 19, 2006
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