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An overrated martial art that is popular due to Chinese movies and media attention. It's actually rather behind-the-times, rigid, and not very effective in this day and age. It's still a beautiful martial art to watch with an interesting history, but in all honesty, you'd probably be just as well off with a traditional boxing, wrestling, Taekwondo, or Karate school if you were looking to get into some sort of martial arts training.

That's not to say that Kung Fu is useless or that it isn't great for other facets of life, but it's reputation as a hugely powerful martial art is a bit too flattering.

Perhaps if you dedicated your life to Kung Fu training or moved to a Shaolin Temple then the results of your training may turn out differently, but you don't have to worry that your buddy who takes Kung Fu classes twice a week can twist you up into a pretzel. It just doesn't work that way in real life.
Guy A: Man, we should take Kung Fu!
Guy B: Let me guess... you were watching the TV series yesterday?
Guy A: Yeah, man! The DVD box-set is out!
by Anonymous Lurker December 21, 2005
A person you are seeing, dating, or perhaps even sleeping with, but isn't technically considered your girlfriend. Somewhere between a casual date and an actual girlfriend.
Sorry, guys. I'm hanging out with the lady friend tonight.
by Anonymous Lurker December 20, 2005