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only the best band ever. They seem to get better with age. I strongly suggest you listen to "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots". It kicks ass.
Before those corporation bastards shut it down, The Flaming Lips were going to play at Lollapalooza.
by Anna Case June 25, 2004

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Most incredible band ever. Only know for their song "Whip It" which is sad, since that is their worst song. The greatest spuds on the universe.
Did you check out the Paul Green School of Rock doing their Devo cover in their tyvec suits? They are wicked awsome.
by Anna Case June 25, 2004

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an amazing french canadian band. they make fast loud technoish music, and have probably the best concerts ever.
did you see les georges leningrad play in philly? that singer sure can wail.
by anna case June 11, 2005

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