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Beyhive (noun) refers to Beyonce's fandom. Members of the Beyhive are usually women and gay men who obsess over Beyonce to no end. They play her music to DEATH, saw the Pink Panther in theaters and worships the ground she steps on in her Louboutins. In many minds of the Beyhive, Beyonce is the second coming of Michael Jackson and her now unborn child is the second coming of Jesus.

Members of the Beyhive will not hesitate to drag fans of other basic bitch Rihanna Lady Gaga Britney Spears etc. and their chief weapon (among others) is Beyonce's performance style, vocals, 4 consecutive #1 albums, box office receipts and grammys (16 and counting).
Members of the Beyhive also refer to Tina Knowles as Mama Tina, have affection for Solange Knowles, is fond of other members of Destiny's Child (so long as they know their place) and think Jay-Z is the sexiest man alive. They can match any Beyonce lyric with the correct song instantly. More aggressive members of the Beyhive are the Killer Beys and will not hesitate to vehemently and violently defend Beyonce's title as Queen of the Universe.
Person 1: Girl what happened to Rihanna's #1 fan Chelsea?

Person 2: Girl she got beside herself and started saying things like Beyonce needs to retire and Rihanna rule the world.

Person 1: Yeah, so?

Person 2: Girl the Beyhive dragged her so far and for so long that she really saying "oh na na, what's my name"
by Anna Boleyn November 20, 2011
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