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1- Adjective: Horribly and utterly disgusting. Take the ugliest person or thing you have ever seen and drop and anvil on it. Then pick it up, give it greasy hair and no attractive features and then you are close to the true meaning.
2- Noun: To be completely dissatisfied. To come up short of your goal. Failing at whatever you do.
Derivatives and examples of bay-hi-rehi-harf:
Bay Hi: We went to the store and some bay-hi female worker behind the counter tried to sell me some condoms. I turned gay.

Rehi-he-hi-harf: I watched the Miami Dolphins play this weekend. After three hours of misery, they went for it on fourth down in the forth quarter, well as you can imagine the results were rehi-he-hi-harf.

Riggidy-reharf: After a long night of binge drinking we woke up to see Jason was spooning with some riggidy-reharf from the night before. He can never talk shit again.

Bay reaf: After sitting in the Vegas airport for 4 hours and watching tourists, I felt so bay reaf that I wanted to curl up and die.

The only confirmed sighting of the true definition of the adjective form of the word was found for a brief time in Orlando, Florida. After a heavy night of drinking we saw what we think was a woman. She/he looked like olive oil (from Popeye) only full of poo butter. Figure like a plank, skin like an infected ulcer and hair greasier than an Italian from Long Island. Needless to say we all were scared for life.
by Angry Midg3t September 08, 2008

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