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In a picture posted on the GameFAQs forums by AlienNine, of his girlfriend's back tattoo, there appeared to be a boob on the back, slightly below the arm.. Yes, a boob on his girlfriend's BACK. Of course, even the dumbest little 12 year old could figure out that it's fat, but...we JUST don't care. Since that day, the "back boob" has become the new...well, the new "confirm/deny". That easy.
Dude, $5 a frieken back boob!
by Anemic Royalty September 20, 2006
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Started on GameFAQs' Next Gen Gaming board.

A certain person, whose name I shall not name for...well, I dunno...purposes tried pwning someone, by telling him to take out the "su" in "superior" and put in a "in". This spells inperior. As you can see, the person was self-pwned. It was quite great, really.

By the way, the "superior" thing was actually the Gamecube version of Twilight Princess. That's how it started. MASSIVE DAMAGE!11111
First user: *awaits superior GameCube version of Twilight Princess*

Second, self-pwned user: You added an extra "su" and left out an "in" somewhere in that post...

by Anemic Royalty November 12, 2006
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