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1.) Inderpret (Verb): To translate complex concepts or sentences into smaller more understandable words so that a less intelligent person (or "The DERP") can then understand what is being said.

2.) Inderpret (Verb): To make an unintelligent comment made by "The Derp" more logical or understandable to those who don't speak moron.

Inderpreting works both ways- similar to how translating works (English to French or French to English).
Inderpreting is a play on words for interpret
1.) Jimmy: "Man it's 70 degrees in December!? Gotta love global warming!"
John (The Derp): "Uhhh, what's global warming?"
Jimmy: "You don't know? The pollution we cause will increase the temperature of the Earth and will cause sea levels to rise as the polar icecaps melt.
John: "Herp a derp, what?
Andrew (inderpreter): "Hurr Earth get hot and we all die Durr"
John: "Oh okay."

2.) Casey: "Hey guys, let's order a pizza!"
John (The Derp): "Hurrr, me like cheese"
Jimmy: "Umm... what?"
Andrew: "Jimmy, what John means here is that he isn't fond of toppings on his pizza, rather he simply likes bread sauce and cheeze."
Jimmy: "Thanks Andrew, I understand now!"
by AndrewL69 November 29, 2011

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