573 definition by Andrew

A word used to describe someone as a nigger.
Youre a fuckin mcnabb.
by andrew February 27, 2005

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Big Monkey Woman
Get me away from that BMW
by andrew June 07, 2003

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A car that is also used to get people from point A to point B. It comes in various models from the LS to the GSR. There is a type R model for the people who want to travel with a little more style, after all it does come with a sports package. However, it's not meant to be modified due to the fact that it has no torque, and even if it was turbocharged, it would still run mid 13s-15s (I have proof)
*At the track*

Ahmed:Man check out that Integra Type R, it just ran 14s and it's turbocharged!?
Chuck:What can I say it has no torque.
by Andrew May 07, 2004

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Pin head on a draw; used in texas hold um, it is used to describe a person who satys in on a draw when they should have folded
What a fucking pod to have called me all the way on that!!!
by Andrew February 16, 2005

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a guy who reads,thinks,and plays nothin but warcraft
andy!!!! you scmuck.
by andrew March 11, 2004

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A pussy. The place where guys love to get in.
That girl had a tight towanda.
by Andrew February 15, 2005

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