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1. general meaning is genuine or pure, pure blood, full. 2. Someone who has a strongly mixed background of European (Spanish mostly) and Amerindian ancestry usually of 3/4 European and 1/4 Indigenous it depends, others may have a little more than 1/4 Amerindian ancestry and some may have a slightly higher percentage of European descent its usually fairly equal to their side of Amerindian descent but some have a little over 3/4 European, they are usually called criollos or whites from appearance, some can easily pass as white in America and there are many Castizos in Spain. 3. Light Mestizos. (1/2 Indigenous 1/2 European, Spanish mostly) 4. It also means the truth or can be a style of music aswell they have it in Spain. 5. In Spanish they can also be called Mestizos Blancos or Cuarteron de Indios or simply are called Mestizos depending on their racial admixtures. Some Castizos can pass for Mestizos and of course whites and Sometimes Mestizos can even pass for Castizos or pure whites (Europeans) same. Since the term Castizo is not used very much these days Castizos would simple be catagorized as whites or Mestizos also depending on self appearance or what language they speak and also affecting there racial profiles could also be from were they are living for example if a Castizo were living in Europe he would most likely be classified as a white because there are more whites in Europe no doubt he or she might still be faced with racism of some sort. Fact: Castizos are not a pure race therefor do not refer to them as whites and white mostly refferring to the Spanish from Spain or Hispanic unless they tell you that its fine to do so. Most Castizos would probly rather be called Mestizos or Hipanics due to their mostly latin origins.
Jose: Where are you from Andres?
Andres: Im from Sur America Colombia
Jose: Oh I thought you were latino but I had some second thoughts.
Andres: Yea I get it a lot, really im a Castizo do you know what that is?
Jose: Really Yea I know what that is its when you are mostly European usually Spanish European and 1/4 Indigenous
Andres: you got it man
by Andres Leon April 02, 2007
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