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(noun, masc.) bud (literally) glans, the head of the penis (fig.) • Used as an insult it means asshole, idiot. Spanish slang from Spain.
You are a fucking capullo.
by Andres Aragon Camara December 31, 2004

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Influence, as with persons able to grant favors. An advantage over another or others.
Clubber #1: Yo, can you get us to the front of this whack ass line.

Clubber #2: Fuck dude, I don't got pull at this club.

Clubber #1: I thought you had pull all around town.

Clubber #2: Yeah but this place is new, I haven't had the chance to soften up the owner yet.

Clubber #1: Aw shit.

by Andres Aragon Camara September 25, 2006

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What gay clubbers do to insure safe clean sex. Also a bleached asshole is more asthetically pleasing to the eye than a dark brown one. After clubbing all nite long, in the closet gay clubbers want to see niceness in the starfish they are poking.
Dude: Hey those guys are pairing up over there.

Chick: I bet they have bleached assholes.

Dude: You fucking right bitch, they'z goin' to the bathroom now to scope each other's shit out.
by Andres Aragon Camara July 09, 2006

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