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A group or "gang" of potheads or druggies located in a town or school. They are mostly found in High Schools and are almost always high. They can hook you up with mostly any kid of drug. Usually every member in the group has a "special trait" to them (Ex. One is the brains, one the bronze, one the weed dealer, another the narcotics dealer). No one fucks with them, no one messes with them. Fuck with one of them, and they all fuck with you. Anybody who attempts to mess with them get a beatdown.
John: Damn who are those kids over there?

Dwayne: Damn, those be the outsiderz. They sell all kinds of shit.

John: That little one looks like a pussy, lets jump him

Dwayne: Nah, if you fuck with one of them. You fuck with all of them
by AnOutsider January 23, 2011
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