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A creepo is someone who should be passed out, but they're not. You're up for one of two reasons:
A.) Food
B.)Pussy (there have been events where girls are creepin it)
Being creepo can also mean just being creepy at a party whether it's a stupid remark or gesture, you're probabaly creepo.
*All I got to say is "DON"
*T-unit and Amario join random networks on facebook and randomly friend request girls.
*Poulin tries to mack something heinous at sunny's. You know what you did you sick fuck.
*T-Unit gets the ride of his life......cigar ride that is from julia the stripper we got at sunny's
*Mo, Amario and Sean "The King Creepo" Leavitt, take vodka shots at 5 in the am.
*Doobie pass out in the back yard of Brittnay Thomas's House with a toad chilling on him.
*Beerpong is played at 6 in the morning at Sean's.
*Chizzim is so baked he slices his hand open.
*The Pictures that go around Suncor
by Ammar Smokey T-unit and Butterball November 08, 2007

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