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larf, v. : an ultra-kitch slang term commonly found in R&R. To laugh in a metaphorical way that is vaguely analagous to explosive projectile vomiting of laughter.

The word is a near-homonym of barf, which is why some particularly gross-minded individuals like my good buddy .Cap. are able to draw a link between the two.

Also see puke, upchuck, toss yer cookies, and other related slang terms for the bodily process of reverse peristalsis.

larf, n. : the product of larfing.

Also see larfter, LMFAO, ROFL, LAMA, R&R, and laughter.

:larf: , internet emoticon : Mythological internet smiley that we want the Devs/Mods/Betas/AACMs/Mr. Secretary Powell to add to R&R so we can use it excessively.

See other things that I, AmishGuerrilla{R&R}, the Mahatma of the R&R Army, have asked R&R to overuse, such as <3, huggles, Get the door! and the awesomely ΓΌb4r-1337 French term savoir-faire.
I'll paraphrase a post I just recently made, when a group of R&Rers made me laugh like I haven't laughed in years.

<quotation of something really, really genuinely literally-ROFL'ing funny>

<there's two forum spammage picture right here showing a baby laughing followed by a laughing Agent Smith, thusly making Amish laugh even harder>

:lol: <a bunch of laughter smilies> :lol: :lol:

<gigantic hot pink message about how I am greatly amused, laughing uncontrollably, in tears, and almost unable to breathe>

<statement that Amish <3 Everybody>

:lol: :lol: :lol: <insert about 10-50 laughing smilies> :lol:

<gigantic magnification of the laughing smiley using BBCode shot tags to resize the smiley to 640x480>

<at the end of about 20 more laughter smilies, we see a spoof of the code for the laughing smiley in R&R, thusly:>

by AmishGuerrilla{R&R} October 10, 2004
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