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The thing that the person who played Frodo in lord of the rings tried to get into but failed.
Frodo: Crash, bang, thunder and lightning, du du du du duuuu orcs to the left elves to the right, CRASH BANG!

Guy: Ok thats enough Frodo, Next.

Frodo: What was wrong with it then?

Guy: Well Frodo, i'll be honest with you, this is called Pop idol, you may have had a chance if it has been Middle earth idol but it isent, so get out.

Frodo: oh dear. and stop calling me frodo my name is Alaisa Wood

*Frodo walks out into the street

Chav: Oi frodo ya wanker put some shoe's on ya tit.

Chav: Oi
by America-Man March 28, 2005
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