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It's what pit bull advocates say when someone says pit bulls attack or kill people. They think breedism is like racism or a stereotype but don't realize that breeds of dog were created to perform certain tasks so some breeds do things better than other breeds. For example greyhounds will always run faster than chihuahuas because greyhounds were bred to be better runners than all other breeds of dog. Saying a greyhound runs fast or a pit bull kills would be considered breedism by their definition.
Racism does not only apply to humans. Dogs, especially Pit Bulls, are stereotyped just like humans. This breedism can be severe and effects both the dogs and their owners.
by Amazon Prime March 4, 2015
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Usually a derogatory term to describe any vehicle that was designed to be a practical vehicle for a family, usually limited to only include sedans, station wagons, minivans or SUVs. Modifying the engine or appearance of a grocery getter does not change the initial intent for said vehicle so it is still considered a grocery getter.

Some manufactures will offer a version of a grocery getter with a high performance engine or other modifications in an attempt to remove the grocery getter stigma, but if the base model of the vehicle is considered a grocery getter then all models of that vehicle is considered a grocery getter.

Usually trucks, coupes, convertibles, exotics and motorcycles are not considered grocery getters because they are not practical family vehicles.
grocery getter, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Chevy Impala, Ford Taurus
by Amazon Prime October 17, 2011
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