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Your Face has become a very popular come back, especially among college students. It can be used in many forms such as: so is your face, your face, face, or complete facial!.... Sometimes people can even have full conversations with just this concept of your face. We use it if we have nothing else to say..... Your face is a perfect filler when you are at loss for words. Patty is your face all the time.
Patty: So Panda, what are you doing right now?
Panda: Ummmm.... ::Looks at computer screen, then quickly looks at Patty with an evil eye:: YOUR FACE!!!
Patty: ::Angrily:: YOUR FACE!!
Panda: ShU-Uh!! I hate your face's life!
Patty: Oh My Gah!!!! I can't stand the pain of your face!
Panda: Your face's face!
Patty: I cannot travel in this direction!
Panda: Your face can't travel in any direction!
Patty: You're a complete Facial McFacestein!
Panda: Huuurrrkk - - - - Blech.....
Patty: ::silence::... Haha, Face.
Therefor, Patty has prevailed.
by AmandownPanda March 18, 2008
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