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A Bakers Dozen is a recent Marine Corps tradition in which 13 people evacuate their bowels into one toilet consecutively without flushing. Can be a highly effective corrective measure, but isn't always done for any particular reason. As all things in the Marine Corps, the Bakers Dozen must be executed with the utmost professionalism, integrity, and attention to detail.
SGT: "Give me 3 bodies!"
*3 PFCs jump up"
SGT: "Go grab a shovel out of the supply closet and head to second deck, room 215."
PFC: "What do you want us to do with a shovel on second deck, SGT?"
SGT: "Another Bakers Dozen, the 3rd fucking one this month. Expect to hear it from Gunny during the brief tomorrow..."
by Alvin J Yakitori June 15, 2013

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