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An unconsciously liberal, emasculated "conservative" who, along with avowed liberals and disguised liberals (neoconservatives), derives his greatest pleasure from furiously cranking it in the corner while watching Paco, Jamal, and Abdul gang rape Lady Liberty.
As a Jack Kemp Republican and thus a pitiful virtue-signaling cuckservative desperate for the approval of both avowed and disguised liberals, Congressman Paul Ryan lusts for "comprehensive immigration reform"; that is, for giving amnesty to millions upon millions of third-worlders at the expense of actual Americans.
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by Alphonsus Jr. March 31, 2017

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A CatholiCuck is a cuckservative in the Catholic sphere. Though the CatholiCuck believes he's a conservative, in reality he's a modernist working tirelessly, even fetishistically, for his own destruction via his vocal or tacit support of the revolutionary Second Vatican Council (1962-65) and the post-conciliar popes, including arch-modernist Pope Francis.
As a species of cuckservative, the overriding lust of the CatholiCuck is mainstream respectability at all costs.
by Alphonsus Jr. September 29, 2017

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