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Ulzzang (pronounced uhl-jang) translates to "best face" or "good looking" in Korean. This slang is often used by netizens, contests including girls competing for the title of "ulzzang". However, even if this is true, Ulzzang has developed into a subculture/style, rather than a competition/contest event.

They're usually Korean girls (sometimes Chinese or Japanese; some even being in North America), who all share similar features. Eyes being the main focus and concept of the look. They usually use lots of products to make their eyes very large, such as eyelid glue, Korean cosmetic circle lenses, eyeliner, long fake eyelashes, etc. They also usually have fair skin, a small nose and thin small lips, just like anime characters. They use a lot of editing websites such as Photoshop and Haduri to edit their pictures to make them even more prettier. Some Ulzzang's have even gotten famous, such as Goo hye sun, Nam Sang-mi, Park Han-byul, Kang Eun-bi and Kim Hye Sung.

Some people find Ulzzangs incredibly cute and attractive, while others find them fake looking and hideous. All in all, Ulzzang has grown into nothing more than a stereotyped look, which will always be judged and have opinions, for the good or the bad.
Girl One: Ooh, look at those Ulzzang girls! They're really, really pretty. I wish I looked like that!
Girl Two: Ew, what the fuck? Why? They're so fake looking...and they're wannabes.
Girl One: Ah well, we all have opinions...!
Girl Two: *nods* Yeah, I know.
by Almighty Ayaka-chan! January 31, 2010
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The film is based around "Otokoyo", a game of hide and seek played by children near the ruins of an abandoned old city. The children who play this disappear, believed to be spirited away by demons. Kakurenbo follows Hikora, a boy who joins the game with hopes of finding his missing sister. The story line is built on the idea that Tokyo is losing its natural aesthetic, which includes child's games such as hide and seek in order for industrial progress to ensue i.e. lighting the city of Tokyo costing innocence of childhood games.
Hey, instead of normal hide and seek, let's play Otokoyo! (reference to the movie Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek)
by Almighty Ayaka-chan! January 20, 2010
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