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A family that is composed of interracial couples who are or likely to have children that share some physical features of each parent. It could be a mix of anything, African American and White, White and Asian, Middle Eastern and Indian, Indian and Asian, African American and Native, Indian and Latino, ...etc.

The term arose recently in the social media as used by Megan Hatcher-Mays in JEZEBEL in response to many retards who gone re-retarded after watching a Cheerios advertisement that showed an interracial family (Caucasian mother and African American father) and their multiracial/Biracial looking daughter. Some disgusting people on Youtube reacted repulsively against the Interracial and Biracial cutlure; as a result Cheerios had to delete and disable comments on YouTube where the video was posted.
- Walmart customer: Hey Kevin, call the security quick, looks like that Black nanny is kidnapping that kinda dark skin Asian kid.
- Friend of Walmart customer: No you stupid Dumbass retard, they could be just a Cheerios Family! Didn't you see that Cheerios Ad on T.V. to know that interracial couples exist!
- Walmart Customer: WTF is Cheerios Family?
- Friend of Walmart customer: Dude, calm down, when you go home, open your computer and search Cheerios Family on Urban Dictionary.
by Allawee June 01, 2013

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A medical name for stool / shit / poop / crap / feces that has large portion of fat in it. It can be identified when your stool floats not sink for a while. Your body doesn't have the ability to absorb (malabsorbtion) all that fat in McDonald's sandwich and therefore it releases it out.
At Wendys:

I: Man I ate from McDonald's yesterday and I had a steatorrhea.

II: Oh shit, what is steatorrhea?
I: It's a shit.
II: I know it is all crappy but what is steatorrhea?
I: It's fatty shit that floats.
II: Oh fuck, you piece of shit can't you see we eating.
by Allawee March 09, 2012

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