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a townie is an under-educated, brain damaged product of the welfare state who really should have been aborted at the earliest oppertunity.

Often found commiting various crimes and "'angin" around cheap discount shops and market stalls that sell fake clothing with the hideous burberry pattern.

they lack the ability to communicate in anything above "errr", "Wot" and "Nah" with the most intellegent of them someday becoming a valued member of the fast food service industry although most will end up living off the welfare state to support them and their eqaully intellectually diluted offspring's drug and fake burberry addiction.

the following solutions would render the townie an endangered species:

1: invest in a large shotgun and declare "townie hunting season" open

2: Remove state "benifit" payments from them and make them get jobs, in this case most would die off because their immense stupidity negates their chances of getting even a MacDonolds job.

3: Anyone who falls into the "townie" category should be sterillized immidiatly to stop further generations sucking money out of the economy and littering the landscape with their useless carcasses.
a "townie" most often lives on or near a council estate where the average income is based on how many drugs they can sell or bikes they can steal
by All Townies Must Die September 19, 2004
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