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A Ballzor is a superior being from the planet of ballzorium. After a disaster that humans cannot even comprehend whiped out the planet, the soul survivor found his way to earth where he currently resides. Since he is the only survivor, he is known simply as Ballzor!(usually spelled with exclamation point) Ballzor is far from human, his prowess in everything exceeds that of 100 humans put together. He Has a much longer life span than that of a human. Despite many impersonators, There is only one Ballzor, TheRealBallzor. He resides in chicago. Just as a warning, Ballzor can be very kind and loving, but cross him and the Fury will rage like no other. A master in the way of the blade, a Ballzor(!) is nothing to mess around with.
Holy shit, Dont Fuckzor with the Ballzor!
by Alien Expert May 26, 2004

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