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Marijuana referred to as beasters is commercial weed said to come out of british columbia, but in essence it could be coming from any part of the world where they are producing metric tons of marijuana for profit. Usually very dense due to being moist from lack of curing the marijuana, also extremely hairy and of not much substance or trichomes. The people producing this marijuana are producing and turning it over at large rates. More than likely organized crime who are using the money to fund other enterprises. ounces usually sell for anywhere from 200 to 300. sometimes youll come across some pot that looks like beaster but is cured better and has more THC and we refer to this bud as "A-sters" or "sexy beast".
Custy: Hey man you got any more of that funk from the other day?

Dealer: Na man i just re-upped and all my guy had was beasters....sorry bro...i can do them for cheap tho.

Custy: Aw man are you serious?! ewwwww! I think ill be better off just picking up some Middies and smokin' blunts.
Lemme know when the Headz roll back through aight!?
by Alice Kramden July 23, 2010

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