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Main character of American TV show Medium. Has a hipster haircut in which her blonde straight bangs cover most of her forehead.

Also always shot from the boobs up 'cause she's a bit on the chub side.

Incredible actress nonetheless.
Me: Allison Dubois should stop having a beer everynight before going to bed.

You: It's just a show, sweetheart.
by Alice K January 22, 2007
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Kick-ass American TV show with a tripped-out script writer. For some reason Aussies love this show.

Also see Allison Dubois
Me: Did you watch Medium last night? Allsion Dubois couldn't stop listening to the song 'I Will Survive' in her head, because this girl was murdered while listening to that in her iPod and...

You: I don't really care about Allison Dubois.
by Alice K January 22, 2007
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