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A county in Maryland that is located towards the northern border of DC. Areas such as Potomac, Damascus, Olney, Chevy Chase and Bethesda are very affluent. Areas like Rockville, Germantown, Gaithersburg, Kensington, Wheaton and Silver Spring descend in such wealth in that order. Montgomery County is very liberal and is known to have one of the best school systems in the United States. Montgomery county has a lot of power, wealth, diversity, drugs, and alcohol. A majority of "MoCo" is middle class and has a very prominent Black population and an increasing Hispanic population as well.
Shaniqua- JFK High School: "Another kid got stabbed at school today"
Deborah- Churchill High School: "At least you didn't spill caviar on your Gucci Bag!"
Jose-Magruder High School: Que? No entiendo tus english. Yo voy al Magruder. Nosotros no espeak englis thur.
Cindy- What you all live in Montgomery County? And you all live 10 minutes from each other?
by Ali C0 May 20, 2007
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