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when at a red light you and your bros wearing lax pinnies get out and change the color of the pinnie. if a bro doesnt have a pinnie on he must moon the car next to him. and is mocked by his other bros. Only acception is if the bro is wearing a polo. or other Bro shit. Baseball Players cannot engage in this activity and it can only be done on mondays,tuesdays,thursdays, fridays, saturdays, and sundays. wendsdays are Broly days
that Lax Bro fire drill was totally the bees vagina bro
by alexander Flowveckin October 27, 2010

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A sexual act involving a man and a woman. the man folds the woman in half and engages in sexual activity while holding her as she is folded in half. proving she is flexibly like a dancer
Jack sure gave Maddy a Dance Team Specialist last saturday.
by Alexander Flowveckin October 27, 2010

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