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(1) a prima donna paramedic with a "god complex" who thinks he/she is smart despite being an incompetent fool

(2) any paramedic who is more concerned with his ego than his patients, regardless of skill level or talent

(3) an otherwise competent paramedic who is an egomaniac
Paramedic Supervisor: "Bystanders complained that you sped onto the sidewalk with sirens blaring and nearly hit them..."

Paragod: "Uh..Hello!? Can we say EMERGENCY! The stupid bystanders didn't move fast enough!"

Paramedic Supervisor: "...but then you SLOWLY got out of the unit, fixed your hair and adjusted your shades, according to the complaint."

Paragod: "Hey, just calm down, okay? I run for no one. It's all BS until proven otherwise."

Paramedic Supervisor: "Why did you intubate this guy? He was just taking a nap on a park bench."

Paragod: "Look, I'm aggressive and I'm good. I go for the tube, and that's why my intubation skills are second to none."

Paramedic Supervisor: "You are an egotistical moron and a menace."
by AlexFox February 16, 2008

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