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Burning shoes chogie is the unwanted chinese son of God who now resides as the managing director of the infinitely huge "DAS:shop". He also has a pair of burning shoes which he uses to travel at great speeds
Don't do that or the burning shoes chogie will get you
by Alex Gray January 20, 2005
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DAS:shop is an infinately huge superstore just outside our universe, It sells eveey product which has ever and will ever be made and is in the form of a collosal, featureless, rectangular white building. The opening ceremony of DAS:shop is what scientists are calling "The Big Bang" but was infact just a few galaxy forming fireworks launched by DAS:shop's managing director "Burning Shoes Chogie".
"Im off to buy some rubber niples from DAS:shop, I'll be back when the universe implodes."

"You can get it all!, DAS:shop!....No, really"
by Alex Gray January 30, 2005
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