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A game developer that takes thier time on games and isn't greedy like EA.

Works of art include Dawn of War, Homeworld 2, and Company of Heroes
by Alcorr September 15, 2006
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An amazing and revolutionary WWII rts game produced by Relic and published by THQ. The game (at time of writing) involves the Allies (Americans) vs. the Axis (Germans).

Company of Heroes features the Havok 3 physics engine, incredible graphics, a totally destructible environment, and highly realistic gameplay ( for example, tanks DONT die to rifle fire).

Company of heroes scored best of E3 three times (twice for 2005 once for 2006) and has been rated Editors Choice (96%)of PC gamer among other reviewers.
Company of Heroes
by Alcorr September 15, 2006
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