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The leader of the Thieves Guild in The Elder Scroll Oblivion that steal rare things from people even The elder Scroll who asked you to get it for him in the Imperial City it is also rumors that people think he is 300 years old that the people think he is not a human also he is the husband of the count in Anvil. his Gray Cowl of Nocturnal which he wear is rare you can get in by placeing a bound helmet in his inventory then waiting outside then going back in then pickpocketing him enjoy your mask or u can complete the last thieves guild quest "Note" do not wear the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal in any cities because the guard will chase u and try to kill u because you take on the identity of The Gray Fox unless you wanna go on crack with the mask drink alot of skooma!!!
Gray fox:I feel like hitting into a wall oh well (drinks skooma) Imperial guards: get that Gray Fox on crack!!! Adoring Fan:By Azura by Azura its the Gray Fox what can i do for u. Gray Fox dies.
by Alchimera December 06, 2011

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