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When someone's hands are never steady, ever. Like that of a crackheads.
Sean:"Yo, i saw Aaron cutting a peice of paper today, took em like 58 minutes"
Miguel:"Yeah, motherfuckers got crack hands, he needa lay off the pipe."
Aaron:"What'd you say motherfucker?!"
Miguel:"Stfu its not like you can hold a gun straight enough to shoot me, cracky."
by Albusdumbledore November 22, 2011
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The state at which men try to develop superhero senses to hear, smell, feel, see, and possibly taste someone coming anywhere near five feet of the bedroom or bathroom door when masturbating.
Man, i totally went superhero hammerjack mode yesterday, my mom almost caught me bumpin the monkey!!!
by Albusdumbledore July 18, 2011
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A Mariandree (or Mari for short) is the absolute epitome of perfection, beauty, and all around awesomeness and badassery. Maris are normally under 5 feet in height and have beautiful smiles and laughs. Although very aggressive when agitated, Maris make the world a better place (and look really cute when they're mad).

Fact: If a Mari senses danger, they become enraged and, out of primordial instinct, will give you the silent treatment from 1 week- 1 year

Fact: Diet consists of fresh hearts, torn from the chest of unsuspecting men

Overall, Maris are incredibly intelligent, adaptive, beautiful creatures that help make up the silver lining of the dark storm cloud that is modern day society.
Mariandree(s) are beautiful, highly intelligent creatures that feed on the hearts of unsuspecting men.
by Albusdumbledore March 30, 2015
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