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An acronym for something whose players get a bad rep from. Kids play these games to gain a sense of control in a real world that, otherwise, treats them like shit and makes fun of them, just because they play these games. You can't blame these kids and young adults for getting sucked into these things. It's the "social elite's" fault they turned out that way. Just think, somebody wasting away on an MMORPG could have one day cured cancer. But no, Joe Jock decided one day to make fun of the poor kid, making the kid realize he is shit only because Joe Jock was popular (and thus always right) and Joe Jock is now on his death bed with skin cancer.
Social Elite 1: Hey, let's make fun of those kids only because they play MMORPGs and are different from us!

Social Elite 2: Sounds like a plan! I mean, we ARE popular which makes us always right! Hey, maybe later we can go bang our cheerleader girlfriends and get them pregnant and have to spend the rest of our lives dealing with a child and living on minimum wage!
by Aisha Fan June 27, 2006
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