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An internet meme (usually political) that takes a particular ideology or statement completely out of context for the sole purpose of belittling or inciting a particular political demographic. Shit memes are factually incorrect and rely on the laziness or stupidity of the reader to go unchecked. When shit memes are allowed to be shared without resistance, it takes on an effect similar to a virus, spreading misinformation to people at an exponential rate.

Originaly defined by "81RD5"
Shit Meme Poster: Posts a meme cherry picking a conservative city and a liberal city posting them side by side, with one photo showing the worst of city 1 and the other showing a beautiful skyline of city 2. A typical excerpt below the picture would compare how one political ideology runs the city 1 better because the shit meme creator happened to choose a nice skyline of that city 1 while posting a worn down neighborhood of city 2.
by AidanBTLF February 21, 2019