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The given name to Agent Argenti's enourmous dong. This python-like creature can fire up to 12 devastating rounds into the grill of a dirty hoebag. It has been known to cause humiliation and lazy eyes. See The Argenti Scooter and Dungeon Master
Dirty Hoebag: I sure liked that Tony Danza you just gave me Agent Argenti
Argenti: Its not over you filty skank, BAM !
Dirty Hoebag: Oh god my eye! MY EYE!
Argenti: Say hello to the Argenti Bazooka, fuck yeah !
by Agent Argenti December 13, 2004

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This rare camera is only owned by one man, and that man is Agent Argenti. He uses it to get Mexican kids out of wells, and then videotape dirty hoebags getting Tony Danza's in his RV.
Mexican Kid: Help me Argenti Ive fallen down the well !
Argenti: No problem you little Mexican bastard, here comes the well camera
Dirty Hoebag: I love your well camera Agent Argenti, and Id love to go back to your RV now
Argenti: Im gonna pound you like a champ, prepare to be Argentified and get a Tony Danza you dirty hoebag, fuck yeah !
by Agent Argenti December 05, 2004

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These are like any other glasses, but they only need 1 arm. This is because Agent Argenti is one cool motherfucker and doesn't need both arms. He might have broke the other arm while giving a Kit Kat, or filming an adventure with his well camera See Argentified
Filthy Skank: Agent Argenti why is there only one arm on your Argenti glasses?
Agent Argenti: Shut the fuck up before I give you the green dungeon plague.
Filthy Skank: Im sorry, want to give me a Tony Danza?
Agent Argenti: No you disgusting piece of slut, I have to go save some poor Mexican bastards. Fuck yeah !
by Agent Argenti December 13, 2004

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The choice music of Agent Argenti after dominating a poor innocent slut, and firing 12 rounds of the Argenti Bazooka. Afterwards he likes to have a smoke and a pancake.
Slut: Argenti that was phenomenal, but I think you gave me a lazy eye.
Argenti: I hope you had the time of your life skank.
Slut: Can I stay to have a smoke and a pancake?
Argenti: Get the fuck out of here. Good riddance. Fuck Yeah !
Nino: Hey Green Day, shut the fuck up !
by Agent Argenti December 13, 2004

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