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Jaun is a word that can be a noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, etc. It can be placed anywhere but requires a certain 'poise' or 'accent' to pull off and make sense or make a sentence have some humor... or not.

Any word conceivable. There is almost know limits to how this is used, though you have some people who will just jaun it up. Those who will not use it properly or overuse it to think it gets funnier with
time... it does not.
'you hit that Jaun there?'

'yo, if he said some shit like that to me, i woulda jauned him up'

One male: yo she got a donk
Other male: nah, son. thats more of a jaun in my book.

'That last one was a bit ridiculous but I believe you get the jaun of what I'm saying'

'Yo pass me that jaun over there man'
'shut the jaun up'
^~~~ Example of jaun-gone-wrong

'could you shut the hell up. i cant stand anymore of your jaun piece jaunsons'
^~~~ Example of if jaun is funny depending on timing and whose saying it

'nigga jaun is with a 'w' not a 'u''
'chief you obviously grew up around philly. around here we got our jauns on with 'u' son'
by Affion February 15, 2009
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