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1)Term used to refer to any who is a dumb shit or in the act of being a dumbshit.

2)An actual basket of fries that enjoys getting it on with other baskets of fries of the same sex.
Dude, look at josh, he passed out with the dildo still in his ass, what a Gay Basket of Fries!
by Adrain Armello August 10, 2005

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The native mut-indians that once roamed this great continent before the white devil came. Subsequent inter-breeding of the Seminoles and the new white devil race gave rise to the majority of White Trash/Red-Neck people that now inhabit all of Florida. From these people have come NASCAR, hence why they are Punished on a regular basis by Tropical storms and now even by the NCAA!!
I wish the Seminole Natives would have kept their Bow and Arrows under their loin cloths, Florida football and NASCAR really suck balls!
by Adrain Armello August 09, 2005

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