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7 in number and having the toughest entrance exam possible. The students preparing for its entrance think that life would become easy once they get in, but that is not to be. The real tough battle starts there in. The regular studying freaks still manage to get good CGPA's while the others hover around pretty low and abyssmal CGPA's. The stress on having good CGPA's is huge and therefore can give sleepless nights to many. But many are pretty fine with it and call themselves "studs" and the donkey like studying population are called "maggus".
stud iitian : so wassup?

maggu iitian : completed revision of 3 chapters of analog electronics and 2 chapters more are yet to be revised for tomorrow's paper.

stud iitian : oh! but what's the syllabus?
by Aditya Deorha February 06, 2008
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