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Name given to a bald man to point out to them that they are indeed bald (usually derogertory). deriving from the animal the bald eagle, regal in appearence however folically challenge.

Term can also be used to signify the entry of a bald man or 'eagle' into a room or establishment by shouting 'the eagle has landed'
As john lord of grassington entered the room he was met with a loud chorus of 'The eagle has landed' by his adoring sons... There where no survivors.
by Adamson kaufmannson March 07, 2010

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The moist goop that builds up in a ladies vaginal quarters when she is in a state of arrousle.
Last night I dressed up as a herring and performed a sexual dance for lady jaimie vonkaufenmister, I must have been doing somthing right as her twat slime was flowing like water from a fucked fridge.
by adamson kaufmannson March 07, 2010

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