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a fictional knock-off version of skittles candy that includes nuts and bolts, broken glass and, if your lucky, some dirt.
guy1: o man, lets get some skittles and taste the rainbow!

guy2: i only have 16 cents, lets get some skattles!
by Adam Sandler May 21, 2007
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something that would normally be overly expensive and not worth paying for, except you stole it. usually used for liquer or some kind of food/drink.
guy1: how was that house party?

guy2: got busted up, but we got some expensive-free liquer from the cabinets.
by Adam Sandler May 21, 2007
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pronounced (BOOM-ASS) gangster talk for anything that is really good, or the best.
yo, u need some weed? i got the boom-as

guy1: how are you getting home today?

guy2: i got a boom-as bike yesterday man, just lying around in the park.
guy1: ugh, those tacos made me sick

guy2: Naw man, they're boom-as!
by Adam Sandler November 27, 2007
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