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Kickle (V) - Kickle is the combining of two legendary forces known simply as tickle and kick. To perform this attack usually you must kick the person hard enough and tickle them after words as a sugar and spice effect. Usually used in a pissed off situation. The discovery of this word came from a drunken night on 3/28/2010 at 230am.
Brett : Alright Kyle are you sure you want McDonalds?

Kyle : Yeah (Laughs)

Chad : What do you want to eat buddy?

Kyle : Double cheeseburger large combo coke no ice, and a crispy chicken snack wrap ranch! Booyah!

Chad (To Brett) For Kyle being drunk he ordered quite well...

Brett: Agreed

Kyle : I better get my chicken snack wrap or ill kickle them.

Chad and Brett burst in laughter!

"I'm so mad I could just kickle them"
by Adam Rizor March 28, 2010
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