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A quality possessed by a girl who lacks moral fiber, likes penetration from any angle, and generally is considered to be a whore. She's the type of ho you slap after you fuck... and blow it on her nose.
A: Yo, you hook up with Christine last night?
B: You know it.
A: Damn that girl's got a flimsy edge.
B: What do you mean?
A: Well let's just say she has no straight lines...
B: You're not making any sense.
A: The only support that girl's got is in her bra...
B: ? (looks at A quizzically)
A: She's been around the block... She even banged C thru G.
B: No way.
A: No lie bro, D even showed her the discipline side of his
A: hand after he busted on her face.
B: Wow! She really does have a flimsy edge.
A: I told you.
B: I better go get tested...
by Adam "fucking" W February 23, 2008
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A slu-banger is a girl with a flimsy edge. This girl has been around the block a time or two. She is essentially a whore. however not just any whore can make the 'slubanger requirements... she has to be a white girl, aged 13 to 28, not afraid of losing her anal virginity at the drop of a hat. She also frequently takes Hoosiers to the eye and loves 2 girls and 1 cup.
Let's go jock on some slu-bangers tonight.
by Adam "fucking" W December 08, 2007
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World's first slu-banger bang. The name comes from a combination of Fulton from the Mighty Ducks movies and a kid named Thor. Fulton + Thor = Fultor.
Hell yeah I'm Fultor.
by Adam "fucking" W December 08, 2007
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