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An awesome video game site that has comprehensive game guides for just about any game you can think of, easily search-able and indexed, all submitted by gamers from around the world, and generally reliable.

Retards apparently think the message boards of the site have some bearing on the worth of the site. It does not. I have spent 5 minutes in the boards, saw some threads arguing about WoW and then never went back again.. Message Boards, particularly retarded ones, are a penny a 200, and if you don't like a message board, simply don't use it.. or do what I do.. don't really use much any.. This isn't real life you can just not go there, stop bitching about getting pwned there and just pick another mb...

The value of this site is large amounts of information about most of the games ever released EVER over a wide number of consoles submitted by intelligent and dedicated gamers for the benefit of the online community.
I was getting called a noob in Diablo 2 for not having a character that could run Andy without dying by lvl 20 .. so I went to GameFaqs and got all optimal skill set builds for my Amazon and could solo Andy at lvl 18...
by ActuallyVeryDark October 01, 2009

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